Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Wheels Fell Off

Yup, I managed to get up and exercising before work again ... *and* after a night at SCM Dinner :) Am so proud.

Last night was interesting. I burst a tire, which I am super unimpressed about. I am not entirely sure how I did it. It was dark and rainy as I left my house for SCM, and I sort of hit a curb going round a corner and there was a load accident-type sound. But I kept driving. Luckily I was in dire need of petrol so was on my way to a petrol station anyway. When I got there I got out my car to check the damage, thinking perhaps I'd dented my bumper or something? Nope, my tire was flat on the ground. I have no idea how bad things could've been had I not needed petrol because before I saw my flat tire, I had no idea there was any problem with it and I was about to head off onto the highway in the dark and rain :P Sheesh.

But as I said, I was lucky. Two very nice petrol attendants changed my tire for me ... admittedly only after I got out the manual and tracked down the tool box and figured out where my spare tire was hidden. Blegh, so now I need to go and buy a whole new tire. Am so not looking forward to that since I also have to pay another exorbitant lawyers bill.

Yup, yesterday I also went and signed the final papers for the transfer of the house I have been in the process of buying since early March (five days short of two months ago already). I'm kinda hoping it'll all get wrapped up in the next 2 months, but am not holding my breath. Between the municipality being on strike (which means they still don't have Rates Clearance or something) and a giant backlog at the deeds office, I'm hoping it'll be as soon as the next 2 months, actually.


Tamara said...

Hectic! So glad you're ok! My dad also burst both of his passenger-side tyres last week in one of Joburg's lovely potholes.

Transfer will probably go through fairly quickly. The thing that seems to take the most time is getting the rates into your name. Hope it all happens quickly for you and that COJ doesn't get too preoccupied with the World Cup!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you needed to stop for petrol!!

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