Friday, May 28, 2010

My First #27Dinner

Right, let me start this post off with some good news (news that is calming my heart). Lily is still saef in the hutch :) I got regular updates thru the day (including a photo at one point) from CollegeInstructor yesterday while I was at work assuring me they were all safe. And then after I spent some time with them outside, I checked on them regularly to make sure they were all still there. And again first thing this morning when I woke up and twice before I left. Just to be sure. Shoo. (Yes, yesterday's #365 photo is of her! haha)

And last night I went to my very first #27Dinner. Behind the times, I know. I always thought it was just a bit too geeky for me, but last night a whole bunch of us from the office decided to go thru and it was great fun :) I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed the talks, especially @EveD and @VinnyLingham (I don't know who the middle guy who spoke was, but it didn't excite me). It was also nice to see some familiar faces for the first time in *ages* (@Jenty and @Exmi).

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Sadly the initial service at Metro Lounge in Benmore left a little to be desired, after our welcome-cocktail, I started coughing (since I'm sick - although doing *much* better thanks!) and ordered a coke to ease my scratchy throat. A good 20 mins later I ordered a second one, from a different waiter, since the first had never appeared (although I'd been told it was on it's way). Eventually I just got up and went straight to the bar myself. Our table also only had our dinner orders taken after the table next to us had pretty much finished eating. That said, the food was quite nice (I don't often eat proper beef-burgers, usually choosing a chicken burger instead, but this was yummy!) Thankfully we found a new, speedy waiter before we got a second round of drinks and the evening improved dramatically :)

Yes, I think I'll be going to the next one.

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Tamara said...

That's what I also thought about 27 - too geeky for me. But maybe not then ;-)

My word verification is "insest". I stand by my theory that Blogger is rude.

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