Monday, May 31, 2010

One of Six

Wow, what a weekend! (I'm pretty sure I probably start each Monday morning's post like that these days - haha!)

Friday started with some spontaneous after-work drinks at Capello's but I couldn't stay too long because I had to head off to Monte Casino to meet Rubyletters and @gc34 for pre-show dinner at Gourmet Garage. OMG, have I mentioned before how much I adore that place? I had a peanut-butter burger (my standard order) and this time tried their cheese&chili fries (instead of the sweet potato fries), and folks, we have a new winner! So delish :)

And then we went to watch Grease. It was pretty cool. I'm not blown-away like I am watching Rocky Horror. I think it's because I've only ever watched the movie before. But I was thoroughly impressed by Jonathan Roxmouth who played Danny!

I was wondering, what is everyone else's favourite character in Grease? I've always loved Rizzo.

After that @gc34 and I met up with some other friends of mine who'd been to the show and went for a few drinks at Cantare. Sadly Ruby had to go home and packed for her big move :(

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Saturday was a big day, the first of my six 30th Birthday Dinner parties (although I realised it's actually the 3rd celebration since I've had the Work-Crowd-Cheese&Wine and the Cape-Town-Family-Dinner!). I had luckily decided what I was making for dinner and just had to head out to the shops for all the ingredients. Little did I know what a mission that would be! I tried 4 *four* Woolworths before I found one that actually stocked the very-specific pasta I needed. If you're wondering, it's conchiglioni, descibed on wikipedia as "large, stuffable seashell shaped", and I can't even find it on Woolies' online shopping site to show you :P

But, I did find it ... although I was seriously beginning to worry because you can't be changing your recipe at 1pm on the day of your dinner party ... well, I don't know if I could!

It all worked out fabulously in the end and I had an absolutely lovely evening with AngelsMind, Rubyletters, @Arkwife, Doodles and @beagle_momma. We ate spinach&ricotta stuffed pasta in tomato sauce with my new salad invention (rocket, roasted sweet potato, mini-corn, feta, avo, cashews, chick-peas and cranberries) and then indulged in delish red-velvet cupcakes from The Cupcake Lady for dessert (which featured as my #365 photo). I even started the evening with gluhwein to warm us up :) It was so lovely to see them all again! Afterwards @Arkwife & I headed to RR, which was great fun :)

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Sunday was a super-super lazy day! I managed to drag myself out of bed (in my defence the weather was playing along perfectly for a day-in-bed) around 1pm and only because I had to clean the bunny hutch and they needed some run-around time. Sheesh but it was freezing yesterday evening. I am super glad I could survive the day on left-overs :)

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tanyadeville said...

Was a lovely evening!! Thanks again...
Ps did tamara ever tell u what the 'cheap red wine with purple label' is... I'd love to know!

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