Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Little Bee

So it's been another crazy busy week. Went to SCM Dinner on Monday night. On Tuesday I left work a bit early and headed to The Keg & Filly again with some work-mates and watched the Bafana-France game, which in my humble non-soccer-mind was the best of the 3 games to actually watch (the fact that we actually won obviously swung a lot in it's favour!).

It was really quite interesting to watch the opening match and this one in the same venue, such a different vibe! But we still had great fun :) Mmmm, Keg Nachos. Yummy.

Then yesterday I popped off to a nearby O'Hagans to meet up with @scottjorton and friends to watch the USA-Algeria and England-Slovenia matches. I know, soccer-madness all round ... well no, not really, just a good excuse to go out :) Haha. And then I met up with a very good friend who is up from Cape Town for dinner at Rocket :) Was awesome. I even actually ordered fillet. You may not realise what a momentous occasion this actually is, but I think it ranks as like *maybe* the third time I've ever ordered an actual steak on purpose. I'm really not a big red-meat eater :) It was delish, served with Bacon & Brie. And of course there was mostly talking and catching up ... I think the last time I saw her I hadn't even started dating Varen properly! Shoowee.

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And tonight, I thankfully have a night off ... I am looking forward to climbing into bed at 6pm and watching series :) Haha. I almost had plans for tonight as well (would've made it a completely full-up week!) but it got postponed to next week. And then tomorrow evening is drinks with the girls (hopefully it won't get postponed again!) and then Saturday is the 2nd last 30th Birthday Dinner :) Yayness. Wow, when will I sleep? Sunday!

Oh, and in case you were wondering I've stuck with the gymming, only skipping Tuesday because of having to leave work early and going to watch the soccer. I'm kinda impressed with myself actually ... from zero to dedicated with one easy holiday intention ;) Haha! Hey, clearly it really is all about finding out what motivates you ... cause clearly just losing 10kilos wasn't enough to motivate me (but I'm kinda hoping that might be a nice side effect - a girl can dream!).

And the holiday plans are in full swing too :) Am just trying to choose between 3wks in August or September ... I think September might be winning, just to give me a little more time to get organised. And I've been looking at flights. Flight Center is (as usual, in my opinion) a total waste of time, Pentravel has been very helpful, but Travelstart is cheaper and then (the most surprising!) Pick n Pay Travel is even cheaper (although their website is hideous)! I'm also planning on arriving a day early in Lima because I definitely want to visit the Archaeological Museum there (I missed out in Spain :( ).


Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun. I can't remember when last I went on a full-out week of fun.

Tamara said...

I must say that I've watched more soccer in the last few weeks than I have in my whole life, and I actually haven't minded :-)

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