Monday, June 21, 2010

That was all ...

Am in a weird mood again. The weekend was up and down. Am still feeling pretty disconnected from the world at large and opting for escapism (I blame the absolute freezing cold that engulfs my cottage from about 6pm after the sun has completely disappeared).

On Friday night I was disappointed because 2 drinks plans I had (one with the single book club girls and one with the work crowd) were both canceled, due to the cold ... seems no one really wants to be out in this weather! So I went home and consoled myself under a blanket with some series. Until about 21h30 when The Housemate got home from collecting his American friend from the soccer and announced they were going to Katzy's in Rosebank, did I want to come along?

So I thought what the hell, I haven't been before and I really wasn't doing anything else ... in retrospect, I shoulda stayed home tho. The evening was dull dull dull. The Housemate was happy, he was eyeing the girl who'd invited us there. The American Visitor was happy, because hey, this is all part of experiencing South Africa, right? He even got to see South African band Denim performing live. Me, I stood around on the dance floor reading tweets :P So not my scene, the music or the (old) people ... Luckily The Housemate & The American Visitor were driving down to Durbs early the next morning so we didn't have to stay too late (the only real upside to my evening).

On Saturday I headed out without much hope of getting myself FICA-ed, but I was surprised and my bank accounts have been re-activated (thank goodness!). I also began Project "Get Fit(ish) For the Inca Trail". No, I haven't actually got round to booking yet, but have gone back to gym. Twice. In One Weekend. I know, *amazing*.

And then on Saturday evening it was off to Schwabing (I don't seem to be as sold on this place as everyone else is?!) and then Red Room from one of the SCM crowd's birthday's. Lovely lovely lovely to be back at Red Room. Sigh.

Sunday was a dreadfully lazy day, aside from the gym-visit. I had some great intentions, I always do, but it was warmer just to climb back into bed and watch series. I also realised I am dreadfully missing going out to eat at new restaurants, but that requires actually having someone to go out to eat with ... And yes, I guess I could invite single friends to do this ... but it never occurs to me. I must snap out of this blue funk.

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Anonymous said...

*Yay* for going to gym in this weather. Discovery cancelled my gym contract last month so I am feeling like a fat lazy blob at the moment but its to cold to even walk my dogs.

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