Friday, June 18, 2010

On Boys and Bees

Urgh. I'm having a serious case of "be careful what you wish for" :P

So yeah, after all the pleas for the universe to send me a boy-crush, someone I could actually be interested in, someone to occupy that part of my brain, I'm sorry I asked! I kissed a boy on Tuesday night. Only the second since Varen and I broke up. And someone I could potentially be interested in seeing again (although to be honest the idea of *actually* being interested in someone right now terrifies the hell out of me and I suspect I may be hoping I can blame nothing happening on the boys every time). Urgh, and yesterday we swapped emails and now all I want to do is ask "are we just replying to be polite, waiting to see who gives up first, or are we actually sussing each other out?" I have *no* idea. I'm so out of practice in trying to read if someone is interested or not. And you'd think writing to practically strangers would be easier for me, what with having a blog and doing it almost daily, but it's not.

Which brings me to another point. Internet Dating. I have not been as dedicated to this as I expected, but it also hasn't quite been the experience I was expecting. It's been quite boring. There have been quite a few stop-start type conversations using the site's messaging system, but I still just feel weird and awkward typing to these strangers. Until last night. I actually got into a messaging conversation with someone it was easy to write to. Let's not get overboard and excited here ... at the moment all I have is a great pen-pal :P

And on a funny (scary?) note, here's another bizarre message I received from someone on the site: "You will be mine ..... OH YES..YOU WILL BE MINE". Seriously, do boys expect girls to reply to messages like that? And that folks is why Internet Dating has for the most part not captured my attention even one bit. Me thinks Speed Dating where you actually meet in person is far more my thing, must try that again, I think.

In other news, I took what I think may be my new favourite #365 photo yesterday. I noticed these aloes while driving earlier this week so thought I would use them for one of my photos and when I went to take pics today, I found these bees harvesting pollen. I'm truly amazed at the quality I got with my plain old boring standard lens! (Obviously these are just thumbnails tho so you miss a bit of the quality, but it's *awesome*)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the dating. I tried internet dating a couple of years ago, but it wasn't for me

Ruby said...

ja....boy crushes and all, but rather frustrating in general:P

Yours lovingly, MischalaJ said...

What a stunning set of photos :-)) especially relevant given your birds n bees post ... good luck with that dating!

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