Thursday, July 08, 2010

Boring Title Oh-One

Not much too exciting to write. Didn't do much on Tuesday ... but it was the one-month marker till I leave for Peru - eep! And then last night TheHousemate and I went to watch the Germany-Spain game at our local ... with standing room only and another boring Spain game, we left there during half-time and found a nice little Thai restaurant with a TV and one table of guests (well, I'd guess it was actually the owners & family honestly) and continued watching there. Did I mention how boring watching Spain is? Although even I could see they did deserve to win the game.

I'm sure there was other stuff to write, but I seem to have forgotten ... am so over the boy-thing at the moment (some smses exchanged with Boy-crush over the weekend but that seems to be the end of it) and had more weird dreams last night. Seriously, someone was trying to blow me up and there were car chases and people dressed up as knights from the crusades :P Most peculiar.

Coal is still at the vet, have tried not to phone every day to check on her. Will hopefully be collecting her this afternoon.

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