Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Poor Cola-girl

Sigh. am feeling weird this morning ... perhaps it is a Tuesday thing? But this morning is more because I had a very weird night. Horrible & panic-y dreams about pets escaping and waking up at about 4am.

Yesterday afternoon was going so well, the bunnies were enjoying the overcast weather (their ideal weather, I think) and I was so chuffed with how nicely Coal's mood had changed. I know it's too soon for her hormones to be out of her system yet, but I was enjoying the calmness and the pause in her non-stop digging as she explored the rest of their enclosure.

I haven't really checked her stitches since she got home because she seemed so fine and I never had any problems with Bell or Rex and she hadn't pulled them out by Saturday morning so I thought everything was fine. Until I picked her up to put her back in the hutch ... it wasn't like an open wound, there was no blood or anything. But she had pulled her first layer of stitches all out and she was healing with a gaping hole in her stomach! I couldn't see her insides or anything, just the next layer of fat (luckily they put in 4 layers of stitches). But as you can imagine, I rather freaked out and rushed her off to the vet. I adore our vet but I do wish he wasn't an hour away in peak-traffic now :(

They're going to probably keep her till Thursday ... Clean out her wound (it was all dirty because she'd been playing in her sandy burrow), give her some antibiotics and re-stitch her. I think they'll honestly probably have to re-cut her so that the layer can reconnect because of the healing :( Not an ideal way to spend my evening.

But then I did head off to SCM Dinner which was lovely :)

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Anonymous said...

Awww, she's adorable! I wish I had a pet.
Shucks to be me, cos my bf's allergic. =/

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