Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coal is Finally Home!

Look who came home yesterday afternoon :) YAY!

She's not 100% and still has a bit of a scab where her spaying cut is still healing, but because it's scabbed over now she was able to come home ... after 2weeks & 1day at the vet. To say she was unimpressed about being there that long would be an understatement. And I'm quite nervous about how things are going to go down in t he homestead now with her having been gone for so long. Don't let that initial hello in the photo fool you. Lily is completely unimpressed at having Coal back and Rex & Coal are fighting it out for dominant bunny. It always was Coal, I guess because I've had her the longest of the 3 and Rex was such a pip-squeak when we got him. But now with Coal out of the picture for 2 weeks, I think Rex has figured out he could be in charge round here and is not letting that go lightly. And, let's face it, he is the biggest of the 3. They have definitely had some scuffles over night and Lily is more skittish than she's been in a while ... but hopefully things will settle down soon enough. And I can't protect them from each other all the time. They need to figure this out for themselves. But, after the spaying, Coal should be less aggressive ... I think Lily just has residual fear from before, honestly.

Nothing much else to report other than that. Things are slow moving in the boy-department. At this point I have a couple of great pen-pals :P Boy-Crush is completely out of the picture. Internet Dating Boy is back from overseas and our emails have started up again and there are one or two others I'm chatting to as well now ... Nothing spectacular to report tho.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Coal is back home! Hopefully all the buns will quickly sort out the hierarchy so things can settle down again xxx

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