Monday, July 19, 2010

A Quieter Weekend

Not such a crazy weekend this time ... I started in with a night in on Friday. Amazing how the few evenings with no plans, which was life-as-I-knew it while dating Varen, have become such treasures :)

On Saturday I went to visit Coal at the vet again. No, she's *still* not home. She can come home now, but I've chosen to keep her there a little bit longer because she would have to be in a separate hutch at home, with no hay and not be allowed out until she's fully healed (to prevent further infection). She pulled out her stitches *again* and they've now decided to just let her heal naturally ... which obviously takes longer. So I thought it best to keep her there because I'm worried about the cold because I don't have any old towels to put in the spare hutch for her (left those at Varen's) :( Will hopefully get her sometime this week tho (finger's crossed).

Anyway, she seemed quite annoyed with me when I visited her, and who can blame her ... but it is her own fault. Try explaining that to a bunny :P I am so looking forward to having her home!

And then on Saturday afternoon, after swapping my now-usual gym-visit for a walk around the neighbourhood (lucky I live on a hill so it's harder than it sounds!), I headed off to Outer Limits for a friend's birthday. After that we headed to Cool Runnings.

On Sunday I went off on a mission to find a pair of hiking boots and a backpack suitable for The Lares Trek. I'd begun the hunt on Saturday at Sandton, but was sorely disappointed by Cape Union Mart, Due South and Outdoor Warehouse in Woodmead. So I decided to hit Clearwater on Sunday since they have both Cape Union & Due South *right next door* to each other ... what could be better for comparison shopping ?!? And if all else failed, and Outdoor Warehouse across the road. So I spent a small fortune (Cape Union Mart won again, like when preparing for my Canada trip) and got everything I needed and I'm very happy with my purchases :) I even broke-in my new boots doing another neighbourhood walk later in the afternoon.

After my shopping I popped in to visit Louisa and ended up staying for a very delish home-cooked Chicken Pie for lunch :) Got some cute photos of Nicola for my #365 too!

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ExMi said...

wow, she is getting soooo big.

how was cool runnings? haven't been there in over a year now...

Ruby said...

that is SUCH an adorable picture!!! YOu getting excited bout your trip lady? I'm super jealous!

Unknown said...

That is SUCH a cool photo!

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