Friday, July 02, 2010

A Full Week

Yawn. Another busy week. Went to dinner with @saulkza and @nadgia on Wednesday night, to my favourite Sushi spot, Yamada. And then we finished the evening off with dessert at Rocket :) Was so lovely to see them again (has been a while since @nadgia was finishing off her thesis).

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And last night I popped round for dinner, a bottle of Springfield Whole Berry and a night full of single-girl talk with @Rubyletters, its awesome now that she is living so nearby :)

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And boys ... sigh, I must point out that this is *exactly* the situation I've been waiting for (which now that I'm in it sounds like complete madness to me! hahaha). This is both the best and the worst part of being single :) The exhilaration and excitement and possibility that receiving an email / phonecall / any contact with them brings and naturally the complete end of the world that not hearing from them feels like. Hahahaha. Am trying to remind myself not to get too caught up in all that (although that is all part of the fun!). I mean none of it really matters yet, I don't really have my hopes tightly pinned to either of them. But I do kind of want to actually see each of them and have the chance to find out.

Anyway, so I chatted to Internet Dating Boy on Wednesday afternoon. He's still overseas for another week. Although I did tell him I was having dinner with his new neighbours that night - hahaha. I hope that didn't terrify him completely. I still think it's hysterical! My life has been full of completely surreal coincidences lately (hey, @Rubyletters?). And Boy-Crush and I have been exchanging emails ... I'm currently waiting for a reply. Funny how sometimes you have no doubt they're going to reply and other times you will manage to convince yourself that you're never going to hear from them again :P Have I mentioned my brain hates me? Hahahaha.

*And* I sent in my booking form and paid my deposit for Intrepid's Peru Encompassed Tour in August. I have also booked my flights. Yup, Peru 2010 is now definitely happening ... and in barely over a month!! Yikes.

Am also thinking of Coal today ... dropped her off at the vet yesterday evening so she can get spayed today. Poor girly :(

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Tamara said...

That's so funny about Internet Dating Boy and the new neighbours.

What is Springfield Whole Berry, btw? Sorry, not sure if I'm being daft here.

Poor Coal. I always feel bad when I take a pet to the vet because they don't understand what's happening.

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