Monday, July 05, 2010

Soccer Weekend

Shoo, a weekend *full* of football. Did not think I'd ever be writing that sentence :P

So yep, after work on Friday we once again headed down to our local, the Keg&Filly to watch the Netherlands vs. Brazil game (was pretty damn impressed to watch Brazil go out, I think it'll make things more exciting) and then stuck around to watch the Uruguay vs. Ghana game. Urgh.

Note to self: drinking Coffee Patron is still drinking Tequila :P Boy did I feel it the next morning when I had to be up early to go and fetch Coaley-girl from the vet! Yay, she's home now and dare I say it, she seems to be more even-tempered already ... okay so it may just be because she's still sore from the op. But I have my finger's crossed that this solves the problem and I won't have to separate them.

And I went to get my tattoo re-done. I wasn't expecting them to re-do the entire thing, but since it is such simple lines and so small, I guess it makes sense to keep it looking consistent. I think it was less sore than the first time, and definitely faster, but there was none of the prep work that was done when I first got it. It's sore again, like having a brand new tattoo, sensitive to touch, gotta use the Bepanthen again (hope it doesn't give me a rash like last time, but apparently I probably was using it for too long) and the worst part is it'll probably start itching again around Wed or Thurs ... urgh. But I'm very happy with it and glad the colour is bright again.

After that it was off to gym (with a hang-over even, can you believe it?!). It was the start of week 3 of 5-times-a-week attendance. Am quite proud of myself actually. And then it was back to the Keg&Filly for some more soccer, this time with @Rubyletters, @samanthaperry, @scottjorton, @claudetschepen (who were all there for the first game the night before too) and TheHousemate. @Rubyletters, TheHousemate and I ended up moving on to Melrose Arch for the Spain game. A great venue with a great vibe, but it was helluva tricky for me to actually see the screen for the first half (we moved round the side to a clear-view for the 2nd) and people bustling past us the *entire* time. So was annoyed. I think I am really not a crowd person, people irritate me.

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Anyway, and it was fun, although freezing and we left right after the game. On Sunday the weather was ideal for a bed-day. Although I did spend some time watching the buns run about, and there were a few rays of sunshine I got to enjoy ... and I did go to gym. But then I got bundled back into bed for a Brothers & Sisters marathon. Urgh, I'll say it again: Watching series does *nothing* to help my relationship brain :P Repeat after me: Things just don't happen like that in real life. And again ...


Anonymous said...

ugh, coffee patron is horrible, I'd rather stick to normal tequila

Ruby said...

Patron!!!! patron!!! patron!!! *grin*

i still blame withdrawal symptoms for this horrible infection of mine...just so you know :P

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