Monday, July 12, 2010


*Yawn* So the Soccer World Cup is over. But let's start this tale on Friday, shall we?

I headed off to Beach Blanket Bohemia to celebrate @scottjorton and @Rubyletter's birthdays. The evening was good fun and I headed home at 2:30am ... only to be stopped & breathalysed by the cops. Not a fun experience at all, let me tell you. Clearly I expected to be over the limit (I'd been out since 7:30pm and had had a mere slice of toast for dinner). I was terrified. I had no idea what to do. But for some or other reason, the breathalyser didn't register at all and the cop decided to let me go and went to flag down another car. Omg, talk about life flashing before your eyes.

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Seriously, I haven't had a drop of alcohol since. And it was tricky because there was champagne on offer at a birthday party on Saturday and, of course, the world cup final on Sunday. But I certainly wasn't putting myself in that situation again. It was quite the wake-up call. And honestly, I don't think anything other than experiencing it yourself would be nearly as effective. Again, yikes (especially because I tend towards serious mistrust of our officers).

Anyway, I was up fairly early on Saturday with the intention of fetching Coal from the vet ... but instead I got a phone call telling me that she now had an infection in the wound and either I could take her home and give her anti-biotic injections myself or she would have to stay ... sigh. She's still there. A little later today it'll be a whole week! I did pop by to visit her on Saturday tho ...

I also popped by the post-office in the hopes that my first paper "original" (oh the sarcasm) Telkom bill had arrived so that I could once again FICA myself ... you know that property I've been trying to buy since March ... well now that it's finally ready to be lodged, my proof of residence has "expired" :P I tell you these people are going to drive me *crazy*. Needless to say that until that bill arrives I am once again unable to prove where I live.

And then it was off to a baby-shower for one of the book club girls. Sadly tho, I couldn't stay long and headed off to another birthday party. It was all very sedate ... all these afternoon events on a Saturday mean I was home before 8pm. Just as well, I needed a good night's sleep after the mere 5hrs the night before!

Sunday was pretty uneventful, but I did head off to watch the Soccer final at Schwabing. I'll say that it was a more exciting game than the Spain-Germany game, but generally I've found the Spanish games to be super boring ... This one was only made more entertaining by counting yellow cards rather than goals (which were sorely lacking). I left at full-time, but I gather Spain won during extra-time.


Ruby said...

Shame lady! i can't even imagine how stressful that must have been!!!

Thanx again for coming...i had so much fun:)

ExMi said...

my bf and his bff actually got tossed in jail to sober up after the two of them were caught drink-driving. not fun, i tell ya!

Tamara said...

Scary stuff! So glad you were ok in the end!

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