Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Weekly Stuffs

So it hasn't been an especially quiet week, but it hasn't felt completely crazy. Went to SCM Dinner on Monday night and last night I had my friend from High School, Liary, over for dinner and made my yummy Ostrich Chili soup for dinner. Sadly tho, neither PicknPay nor Woolies had Ostrich mince yesterday so I decided to settle for lamb. It wasn't nearly as nice in my opinion tho ....

In other news, Coal is *still* at the vet :( I am hoping she will be able to come home on Saturday ... they wanted to keep her there to keep her on the anti-biotics for the infection a bit longer.

Other than that, not much is happening. I got my travel insurance this week and I'm hoping that my Ageing Aunt will be joining me on my Peru trip (she's keen, but sick at the moment so is going to decide by Friday). I still need to get my currency (damn bloody proof of residence ... still waiting to receive my first postal Telkom account now that I've switched back) and I need to figure out what sort of additional gear (hiking boots?) I'm going to need to buy. No worries, right? I've still got 3 weekends to get this sorted ... eep!

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Tamara said...

Can't believe it's only three weekends away!

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