Friday, July 30, 2010


So on Wednesday the girls came round for our monthly Poker night and I had the most rubbish poker evening ever :P Thank goodness the company was good so it wasn't a total waste ;) Honestly, I think I only had one hand where both my cards were over 10 ... makes for very dull poker when you justifiably fold every hand!!

Anyway, and then yesterday I got the most amazing news, that little Studio Apartment I bought *finally* transferred into my name. I am now officially a home-owner again :) And I'm panic-ing just a little about what I need to figure out before I go, but other than getting the tenant's contact details from the now-previous owner, it should all be fine. Shoo. It actually happened, seems a little unreal at this point.

And then last night I was supposed to be meeting another boy from Internet Dating (after our first plan to meet on Sunday got postponed), but it got postponed again. He has had good reasons, but I'm losing interest with all this shuffling about. And honestly I don't have the time to see him before I leave now. So we'll see. Have decided to ignore any and all boy-related stuffs till after my return. Instead I ended up going to Panarotti's with TheHousemate. Things have been a bit weird there and we've hardly seen or spoken to each other in the last few weeks so it was nice to get things a bit more back to normal. Plus, I hadn't been to Panarotti's with him in so long, I'd forgotten why I don't actually like the place ;) Hahaha.

On that note, this time next week, I'll be at ORT with my Ageing Aunt waiting for our flight (hopefully having already checked in and eating a yummy breakfast!). Sheesh, it's soon now :)

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Marleen Swart said...

Congrats about being a home-owner again :)

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