Monday, August 02, 2010

Six of Six

Well, that was my last weekend before Peru and my last 30th Birthday Dinner!

Friday was spent climbing into bed early and watching series. I was pretty exhausted from the week. On Saturday I went to try and collect a box of mine that Varen said he'd found, but he was true to form and completely unreliable and when I arrived at the guard house of his complex to collect the box (what, did you think I'd want to see him?) they had no idea what I was talking about. I'd smsed him earlier in the morning saying what time I'd be there by, although he hadn't responded. And when I got there to discover there was no box for me, I called him. He didn't answer and I haven't heard from him since about the box. What is wrong with people that they get in touch with you when you'd really rather have nothing to do with them, make a plan and then not follow thru with their part of the arrangement ... I mean he was the one who got in touch with me about it, you'd think he'd want me to take it :P Urgh, it just really annoyed me and just upset me as I wondered how on earth I'd actually dated this person for *so* long ?!? Have been wondering that about quite a few of my exes lately ... I mean why have I wasted so much time? Anyway, I went shopping afterwards to cheer myself up :)

I bought ingredients for the dinner party and then some not-so-necessary items for my trip ... a new toiletry bag (I've had my one for more than 10 years!!) and some cheapy sun-glasses to take with me (always an advisable purchase for a holiday since they break or get damaged so easily on trips like this an I've just recently bought myself some really nice new expensive ones so *really* did not want to be taking them along).

And then I went home and headed off on my Neighbourhood Trek. Took along 2 bricks in the back-pack (brick-pack?) this time and survived. And then it was time to get ready for dinner. I had a few of the SCM Dinner crowd over and made Nam-Jim Chicken for dinner. (Yes folks, it's hard to believe but, my 30th birthday parties have finally come to an end).

We had a lovely time, you really can tell that we all eat together regularly. And polished off seven bottles of wine between 5 of us ... I was expecting to just have to crawl into bed after dinner so I wasn't too worried. But then everyone decided Red Room was the place to be, so I got a lift with @samanthaperry & @scottjorton and off we headed. I stayed over at their place afterwards and we all awoke feeling less than ideal the next day.

After a very slow morning we eventually headed off to Cars in the Park at Zwartkops Raceway to have a look at all the old cars ... an ideal #365 opportunity. Made it a bit of a memorial weekend for me, spent a lot of time chatting about and remembering Gum. Had me in tears at one stage even, as I read my 2yr old blog-post ... can't believe 2 years have flown by like this!

Other than that, Sunday was very uneventful. Managed to get my #365 up to date tho :)

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Marleen Swart said...

Was also at Cars in the Park event on Sunday. Was such an enjoyment indeed. Also posted pictures on my blog and Facebook. Took nearly 200 photos off all the cars but so worth it :)

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