Thursday, August 05, 2010

Peru in T-minus 24hours

So folks, this is it, my last working day before heading off to Peru for 3 weeks. Granted tomorrow will mostly be spent on an airplane, and I'll technically only be arriving in Peru int he early hours of Saturday morning, South African time ... but it'll still be Friday night in Peru, and that is what counts!

In the mean time I've had a typically busy week. We celebrated the dog's 11th Birthday at SCM Dinner on Monday evening. Yes, with a cake and everything. I gather it's rather a tradition.

On Tuesday I had one of my rare night's at home but it was not spent climbing into bed early watching series, this time it was spent preparing for my impending trip. Half of my dining room table is now covered with non-clothing items to pack (with all this hiking gear, there is a lot more than usual!) ... I am hoping I'll manage to squeeze a few clothes into my bag at all looking at this lot! So, this evening all that needs doing is setting out the clothes and I'm ready to pack. Wow. Can't believe it's already here! I suspect there is something to be said for planning a trip long in advance for how it keeps you mood up having something to look forward to. I will admit I am a little worried at how I'll get thru the rest of the year knowing my holiday is already behind me when I get back and discover it is only September!

And then last night I headed off to my favourite sushi spot, Yamada, with @saulkza and @Nadgia for dinner. Which naturally we had to follow up with a stop at our new favourite Hot Chocolate spot, Rocket. Yum!

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And tonight, well tonight is the big packing night, as I already said. But my Ageing Aunt is also arriving this evening too. And then we will be all-systems-go for Peru :)

And don't worry, CollegeInstructor will be keeping a capable eye on the bundles while I'm away :) The spaying doesn't seem to have helped Coal's temperament too much sadly, but as long as you let her spend her time digging, she seems content to leave the others alone ... mostly.

See y'all when I get back :) Although you may have some sneaky #Peru2010 updates via Twitter using SMS, depending on how my signal is over there.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you!!! I've always wanted to go to Peru. Have a great time! :-)

Tamara said...

Can't believe it's here already! Have an amazing time! Looking forward to all the pics and posts.

boldly benny said...

So exciting, hope you're having the best time :)

AngelConradie said...

LOL, you shoulda taken a picture of the pile of stuff!

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