Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18 August: Cusco

Didn't get much sleep last night, but had a good day wandering Cusco. First we all went to another market with all sorts of typical touristy stuff to buy. We all split up and did our own thing. I got Mom & The Peeb's gifts (which I won't mention here since they haven't got them yet) and an awesome alpaca-wool jersey for myself. (Side note: Although I am loving the warm Joburg weather, it means I haven't been able to wear a thing I brought back from my trip - a little disappointing!).

Oh, and the weirdest thing happened on our way to the market. This big siren sounded and then all the traffic ground to a halt. Apparently it was an earthquake siren drill.

After that, The Ageing Aunt, @UselessRob and I ended up wandering around Cusco looking for somewhere for lunch. We ended up back at Jack's, trying something else off their menu, which was also delish! Highly recommend this place if you're ever in Cusco.

After lunch, @UselessRob and I wandered off thru some Incan Ruins, looking at a photographic expo by Luis Eduardo Valcarcel who we assume had taken a whole lot of historical photos in Cusco. It was amazing to compare the then and now of some of the places we recognised. And there were a few Llama, Vicuna and Alpaca all wandering the place. Try picture it, it's this place surrounded by walls with the occasional glass panel in the middle of a perfectly normal part of their town, between our hotel and the Plaza de Armas. It was very cool. And we ended up in there quite by accident because we thought we'd have to pay to go in. Apparently not. A lovely way to spend the afternoon :)

After that we relaxed at the hotel for a bit (This is when @UselessRob finally figured out how I could get my wi-fi working on my Blackberry and I was in online heaven! I'm sure you noticed the increase in tweets around here). Most people had an early evening before our 04h45 collection for The Lares Trek but, @UselessRob and I went to Paddy's again for some dinner.

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Tamara said...

I have no idea about the difference between Llamas, Vicunas and Alpacas, but that's a gorgeous pic of whichever of the animals it is. So kyooot!

phillygirl said...

Haha, the Vicunas are very easy to spot, they look nothing like the other two and have very different colouring. The Llama's have longer necks (and are generally bigger animals) and pointier faces. Does that help? I did put together this collage to try and highlight the differences

Tamara said...

Ja, it helps to see them altogether in one place. Then I can see the differences you've pointed out. But if I saw one on its own, I'd probably just call it a llama, whatever it was ;-)

AngelConradie said...

They are such cute animals... they almost look like they should be smaller :)

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