Monday, September 27, 2010

The End of the Quiet

Yawn,couldn't put my book down last night!

So, what did I get up to on this lovely long weekend. Hmmm. Dropped TheHosuemate off at the Gautrain on Thursday afternoon. He's off for a month. Am kinda looking forward to having the place to myself for a change. See if I like it on my own or want to find another housemate when he moves out at the end of the year.

And then I headed off to the Hyde Park Southern Sun for sundowners with Loulou and her new bookclub recruit. Gawd, the views at sunset from there are gorgeous.

I headed home and had an early night watching You, Me and Dupree. Which I totally did. Not. Get. It just made no sense. It was like Julius Caeser (my standard 8/grade 10 set-work and I bet that's the only time you will hear those two in the same sentence!) in that if they'd just killed him (Caeser) in the first act, they coulda saved themselves all some time. I felt that way about this movie. If they'd just not let Dupree stay they would've zipped right to the ending and saved us all some time. What on earth was Kate Hudson thinking? Anyhoo.

Friday was lovely, I went and spent the whole afternoon and evening with some lovely girl friends drinking Pimms by the pool. It was a lovely way to spend the day :)

After spending the afternoon drinking in the sun, we decided on take-out and chick flicks to end out day off. We watched Did you hear about the Morgans? and Nine. Well, honestly only half of Nine because although it looks like it's actually a great movie with an awesome star-studded cast, it really was not the sort of movie we were in the mood for right then. The Morgans movie was nothing great at all either (but then again I am reminded that I do tend to leave these movies and not watch them when they come out on big screen for a reason). Ah well, it was well suited for our lack of concentration :)

On Saturday I didn't do much of anything. Went back to gym for the first time since Peru and think I over did it a bit. I am now going to try alternating gym with my neighbourhood walks which I am loving (went on Friday and Sunday morning). And then did some admin and came home and did nothing much for the rest of the day. (If I did I can't remember).

On Sunday I took France to Rosebank and we had lunch at Cranks :) Man, I love that place! And then went for a wander around the Rooftop Market and the African Markets there. I love going, especially with someone who has never been before :)

And then it was home for more relaxing. I watched Damages s03 this weekend and even finished my book and started a new one. I have been enjoying not being too busy lately because this week the craziness starts up again with a vengeance!

Tonight is 27Dinner. Wednesday should be our monthly girl's Poker night (still waiting for that to be confirmed). Thursday I'm off for dinner with a friend. Saturday is Taste - YAY, can't wait :) It'll be my fourth year there. And then on Sunday we have a work function. See, back to crazy.

Oh, and can you believe that today is a month since I left Peru! Time is just flying.

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Tamara said...

Adding Hyde Park Southern Sun to my list of Jhb places to explore.

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