Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Short Week

Yay, today is technically Friday because tomorrow is Heritage Day. And somehow I doubt I'll be braai-ing, but whatever. It's still a long weekend. Woot.

So, this short week ... On Monday I was back at SCM Dinner like usual. Is weird to feel like I hadn't seen these people in ages although I had only missed a week! One Tuesday evening I spent all my time getting my #365 back up to date properly. Shoo, it feels like an achievement. 30 photos uploaded on one day. Am boy am I ever glad I put in the effort to choose all the post-Peru photos as I was going and not try doing them all at the end, because then I really don't think I'd ever get caught up. And then I went and forgot to take my photo on Wednesday :P Clearly I was all photo-ed out. But I've included some of my favourites of The Bundles in this post for you :)

Have I mentioned how fantastically they are getting on these days. Oh, the stress of having Coal at the vet for 2 weeks has just turned out to be so worth it now. As you can see from the photo of her and Lily above, she has calmed down so so much and the dynamics in the hutch have changed completely. It is lovely to watch the three of them together again :) *thrilled*

Also, the digging has stopped completely! It stopped while I was in Peru. And strangely she apparently covered up her own burrow, the one we thought she was digging to China, and every time CollegeInstructor opened it up again (because he didn't know how it was getting closed up all the time till he saw her doing it), she'd close it again. It has remained closed. And now they have a new play-place (which you can see Rex in above). When I went to get them more hay, they only had a broken bale left but I said that'd be fine since it is just for bunnies. And they packed it into these huge bags for me. I've put one out for them to play in and they love burrowing thru the hay and into the bag :)

Okay, after all that gushing about my cute cuddly animals ... my poor Peeb has been having the most *awful* week ever. Her kitty died on Monday morning, knocked over by a car. He was only just a year old and she'd hand reared him. He was her baby. She is quite devastated :( It is quite shocking to think that we both lost our first pets, the ones that were ours, as adults, when they weren't yet or were barely only a year old. It is horrible. Goodbye Panda.

And then last night I went to Gourmet Garage with TheHousemate (who is off to the States for a month today), CollegeInstructor and France. None of them had ever been before *shock horror*. And as always, it was truly delish. There are few things better than a Gourmet Garage Peanut Butter Burger with Chili Cheese Fries :)

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AngelConradie said...

I'm so sorry about your friends' kitty.

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