Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Months to Xmas!

On Friday Arkwife came over after work and we hung out catching up (so novel to be speaking face-to-face instead of over msn - haha!) until it was time to head off to Ghazal's in Sunninghill to meet up with RubyLetters and Jackson's Mom.

What a lovely evening we had laughing and joking and catching up. Sigh, I really must make an effort to see this lovely group more often.

I'm trying to remember what I did on Saturday morning ... there was a lot of driving around, doing admin type stuff, I think. In fact across both weekend days. Dropping off Recycling, collecting Post. Oh My Gawd, my post is about ready to drive me mental. I started off redirecting Varen's post to his house. But noticed the same things were still always showing up in my post box again and again. Obviously he couldn't be bothered to change his postal address. So I started doing Return to Sender's on them, hoping the companies sending the post would follow up with him and get it changed. Clearly places like ABSA and Telkom just don't care (which I'll admit surprised me). I plan to phone all the people who have sent him post this month and tell them if they either stop sending me his post or it's going in the bin. I don't care anymore.

And I cleaned the bunny hutch on Sunday, they have grass in their hutch again :) Looks so lovely. I walked both days. I got the first part of ThePeeb's birthday pressie. I did some other grocery shopping. I cooked, a full egg, bacon, tomato and toast breakfast for one on Sunday morning (so much more hassle than it was worth!) and a big pasta dish in the late afternoon. And I read my book. I caught up my #365 and dabbled with my currency.

Oh, and I finally bought the bunnies a harness & lead. I have tried it once ... on Coal. The other two weren't letting me near them. It was all working fine until she freaked out a bit and almost managed to slip out of it, but luckily I caught her. Will only try every couple of days. And I really must get Rex's nails clipped this week. Sigh, he's gonna hate me :(

On Saturday evening, I went to The Greenside Cafe again for a friend's birthday. I was *very* tempted to have the nut bake again, but decided to try something new, the schnitzel. Wow, if you can get past the lack of meat and alcohol in their restaurant, they really serve some tasty dishes!

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Ruby said...

Was so awesome to see you on friday:)

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