Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back Online

Wow, what a weird morning. I have a 10min snooze between alarms and this morning I kept falling back into the deepest sleep in between and having the weirdest dreams.

One was more lighthearted, involving 2 people I know (let me point out it is rare that I dream let alone about people I know!). And then another one with even more people I know, where we found out that 2 people from high school died in one weekend. One in a car accident on the Friday night and one just went completely missing on the Saturday night. It feels weird. I have this odd "should I warn them, but I haven't spoken to them in years" feeling. Meh, I'm sure it's nothing, I've never had any other dreams come true.

Sigh. The week has been fairly frustrating so far. Monday was SCM Dinner as usual. On Tuesday, The Housemate got home. I've kinda liked having the place to myself for the past month ... so I'm prickling a little at having someone in my space again. And then there is the internet.

I discovered on the weekend after The Housemate left that someone was using our wireless connection. We'd tried to put on security before but because The Housemate has the oldest work laptop in existence and doesn't even have permissions to upgrade or install anything new, we couldn't get it working so had left it off. I guess we just figured the other person was always using the rest of our bandwidth, but with him away and me barely online and our internet 75% used in the first weekend, I noticed. And I think it must've been a fairly new thing because we *never* use 75% in a weekend, even with both of us there.

Anyway, so I managed to get the security switched back on and working while he was away (with a little bit of @ClaudeTschepen's help). And all was fine in the world. Until Tuesday when he got back and, obviously, now couldn't get online. After a quick catch-up dinner at Nando's, I tried to change it to a security setting his computer could use, with no luck. And then tried changing it back to no security. And pretty much screwed it up and neither of us could get online at all. I spent at least an hour on Tuesday night trying to figure it out before giving up.

Last night I went to an early show and watched The Switch. Good lighthearted entertainment. I won't go into it here about how amused I am at the move movies are making in line with society (no surprise really) ... movies about women deciding to have kids on their own. Close to home, can't help wondering if that's the new direction my life will end up going in as opposed to the fairytale we all believe in as children. Ah well.

Anyway, when I got home I decided to try tackling the internet issue yet again. But this time I had asked for help on twitter and it came in the form of @corrie206 who patiently helped me for *2 hours* yesterday evening to eventually get it working again. Such a relief, I was really starting to lose my sense of humour about the whole thing.

So yeah, I haven't done too much other than stare at my router and swear for the last 2 days ;) Haha.


Ruby said...

So annoying! Glad you managed to sort it out tho:)

Anonymous said...

Only you could break something while trying to fix it :) I'm glad everything is back to normal though. And yet again, I'm amazed at the resource that is Twitter. Life wouldn't be the same without it.

Tamara said...

Internet issues suck! People stealing bandwidth sucks too. At the company I worked at, the company next door kept stealing ours (to be fair, they moved into our old office and Telkom didn't correctly reassign the lines), but it took awhile to figure it out and my boss kept crapping us out for being on FB ;-)

I have weird dreams all the time. Iften about people I haven't seen in years. The mind is a strange thing.

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