Monday, October 18, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

Friday drinks got canceled and I don't actually now remember what I spent the evening doing. But I did end up going to watch Despicable Me at 10pm with CollegeInstructor and France.

Mkay, so it's animated and generally I'm not a huge fan, but I haven't been to movies in ages (there seems to be nothing worth seeing lately!). I did enjoy it, I even laughed out loud at some points :)

Saturday I did close to nothing, which was *awesome*. I started a new book in bed, I got up and went shopping (luckily I got 2 of the 3 items on my must-buy list) and then went home again. I played with my rediscovered hobby, Numismatics (have I mentioned how thrilled I am to have gotten my stuff back from Varen!!). I finished the book I'd started earlier in the day :) A lovely day all for myself.

On Sunday it was grey and cloudy, but I went for my walk at 9am. And then did a little shopping and had breakfast with CollegeInstructor at Doppio Zero. I know, I always ask myself why I go back there and why I order the same thing every time ... but this time we went to the Sunninghill restaurant and it was *so much* better than the 4ways one. Delish :) I may even go back! Hahaha.

A little later I headed off to a park down the road to meet up with some work-friends for an afternoon of Games on the Grass :) We only ended up actually playing 1 game of 30seconds, but we drank cocktails, smoked hubbly and just generally chatted as we hung out on the grass. Was so lovely :) Must do it again!

All in all, a rather lovely weekend really :)

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Ruby said...

sounds like bliss:)

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