Thursday, November 11, 2010

All In My Head

Not especially in the mood for blogging this morning. Actually I haven't been in the mood for much since I got back from Natal. I had a free evening to myself on Tuesday and all I wanted to do was curl up into bed with my book. Which I didn't end up doing till almost bedtime anyway tho, because I was busy sorting thru photos from the weekend (I take every opportunity to take family group shots, much to everyone's dismay in the moment ... but I'm sure they enjoy looking back at them as much as I do ;) ).

And last night I got home with a terrible headache. In fact I'm not entirely sure how I lasted the day at work. So I got home, curled up in bed with my book and fell asleep for a bit. Luckily I felt better after that :)

I have a nagging part of my brain that thinks I am wasting time and should be working on my project ... but another part of me knows that it's not to be forced and better to work on it when I'm in the right frame of mind to keep myself excited about it. Although I am, again, having seriously doubts about myself regarding it and my ability to actually make it happen. Sigh. Branching out and trying something new can definitely be scary. Especially because I don't really consider myself an entrepreneur ... and I'm a worrier (I wish that said warrior, but alas).

Anyway, I had a lovely dinner at Cranks last night catching up with Liary. And I have book club tonight. And then I'm planning on hibernating till Monday. I have lots of admin to get done ... xmas presents to buy etc. ;)

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