Monday, November 15, 2010

My Weekend

Yawn. Am tired today, could happily have stayed in bed today! No doubt something to do with a late bedtime and the overcast weather this morning. And I'm feeling like a terrible person too, because when I went to see the bunnies this morn I realised I hadn't refilled their water bowl after cleaning the hutch (about 3pm yesterday afternoon). Lily was sitting in the dry water bowl :( And after I refilled it while they were having a run, she found the empty jug I'd used and tipped it over and stuck her head right in licking the last of the drops ... And once her & Coal found the full water bowl I think they both sat their drinking for longer than I've ever seen before. Poor bundles :( :( But they are luckily fine. I can't believe I didn't notice when I said goodnight to them last night when I got home.

Anyway, the weekend, right. Had a work thing followed by drinks in the office ... which ended at about 6pm. And then headed off to The Old Rose to meet up with @clairam, @scottjorton and some others for an after work drink. I hate The Old Rose, I have no idea why people go there, but whatever. After that @scottjorton and I ended up going for dinner at The Codfather, which was yummy (I had sole).

Saturday was, I guess a pretty lazy day. I did a bunch of admin in the morning and not very much for the rest of the day, which was lovely :) I browsed for xmas pressies, but didn't end up actually buying anything yet (am somehow terrified that as soon as I buy something I will find some other perfect gift because there are still so many weeks till xmas!!) Aaargh, and the *perfect* pressie that I bought for ThePeeb & her boyf has yet to arrive in South Africa ... sigh. I will relax again when I have it with me but till then I'm still a little panic-y about it. Oooh ooh, and it was The Peeb's birthday on Friday (I'd already given her her bday pressie in Natal) and she got a new gorgeous little girl-kitten on Saturday :) :)

On Sunday I went on my neighbourhood walk (took a week off after getting back from Natal because I was so drained last week) and cleaned the bunny hutch, did grocery shopping (have I told you how *awesome* the new PicknPay on William Nichol is?), made a delish lunch and relaxed and read my book, and even worked on my Concept a little :)

I ended the weekend off with dinner at my great-aunt & -uncle's place. Was fab to see them again before they're off back to the UK for a bit. I absolutely love hearing all the old stories :)

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