Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Much Excitement Brewing

So, I may seem distracted lately, I am. I have turned a little wish into and actual idea into a potential business plan. I'm very excited and working on a sort of proof-of-concept for it before I take the idea to the company it's for (although it'd almost run on top of their existing system and still be entirely mine).

The wish has been circling in my head for a couple of weeks now, it's a service I want! But only yesterday did I realise that *I* could make the wish come true and implement the idea myself. I've spoken to a handful of people about it (no point in the idea if I'm the only person who thinks there's a market for it, right?) and they all agree with me :) Last night I got started on it for real ... Suddenly I'm a little disappointed that I have a full 2 weeks of social engagements.

Monday night was SCM as usual, last night I was supposed to be meeting one of my cousins, who is up on business, for dinner ... but he had to cancel. Which I was both disappointed about (not to see him) but also quite relieved (a night at home to myself to immerse myself in my new idea). Tonight I'm off to watch The Social Network with Arkwife (got free tickets, woot!) and then I'm having dinner with DJMike and his new girlfriend on Thursday. On Friday I am off for a long weekend to celebrate Daddio's Dad's 80th birthday. Can't wait to see Daddio, The Peeb and the rest of the fandamily! Next week is filled with more dinner plans and book club.

And all I want to do is spend time thinking about my new plan. It could be amazing, and I really do not want to lose momentum with it. I want to really push myself on this and do everything I can to make it happen. It'll be awesome, if it works :)

ps. Sadly, my new distraction is doing no good for my #365 ... ah well, priorities, right?


Anonymous said...

Is it crazy that I still get exhausted after reading your posts. Are you equipped with batteries? I'd never be able to survive your social life ;)

On that note though...I can't wait for tonight!

Tamara said...

That is super exciting! Hope it all works out! And can't wait to hear your thoughts on the movie.

My word verification is "crumb".

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