Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Big Fake - a Movie

Sigh, it is hard to sleep when your mind is racing with ideas and what-ifs and how-tos. And mine is. The cynical and realistic part of my brain has definitely kicked in, coming up with all sorts of potential problems. But I refuse to deal with them yet. I haven't the time to dedicate to sitting down and working thru it. I plan to spend some time this weekend doing just that and I can't imagine a better weekend for it with my family around to ask questions to and the peace and quiet of the small town in Natal that my grandfather lives in.

So aside from all that, I went to Sandton with Arkwife yesterday evening to have some dinner and then watch The Social Network. We ended up eating at Wangthai, which I used to frequent more than 10 years ago with my folks in Cape Town. It wasn't the same (of course). But the food was good, just not quite what I was in the mood for (unfortunately it was one of those nights when I just couldn't figure out what I wanted) but it turned out just fine :)

And then we went to watch the movie. Which I *loved*. It was brilliantly funny and quirky in parts and I loved how the regatta scene was filmed. Yes, I'd definitely recommend you watch this one. I felt it was especially pertinent to watch as I embark on making my own "big idea" a reality (finger's crossed). And seriously, the lead actor sounds *exactly* like Michael Cera ... it's freakish. What I also thought was interesting was that although we all use facebook every day (no doubt), we (or is it just me?) never think about the name behind it. I mean sure I knew Mark Zuckerberg owned / created facebook, but more than that I'd never given him a second thought (gawd, and I've just discovered he's 4yrs younger than me!! I feel a little ill.). The real life story behind something so familiar is definitely interesting tho, makes me go and look more info up on the internet :) Imagine being 26 and having a movie made about your story?!? Kinda mind-blowing honestly.

Thanks to Ster Kinekor for using Social Media to spread the word that they were giving away free tickets to the premiere, I think that was a stoke of genius and completely appropriate :)


Anonymous said...

It was definitely an *awesome* movie. I'm so glad that I was the chosen one to go with you ;) (Though now I'm also ill know that Mark Zuckerberg is younger than me too)

Tamara said...

Great post. Hoping to see this movie sometime soon.

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