Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so this is my life

*sob* This week has just been marvelous :P Nope, that's a lie. Work has been especially terrible and stressful in the last 2 days, from having someone stand at my desk screaming at me (long story) to everyone wanting a piece of me to work on their project yesterday. Sigh. Yesterday calmed down about half an hour before I left, thankfully. But today I have to train a client for 3 hours, on something I haven't touched in more than 6months (mebbe a year?). The awesomeness continues.

I went for my walk around the neighbourhood after I got home yesterday, hoping to clear my head. All I really did was plan a "pity post" for today. Sigh, I guess something to do with being about 2weeks shy of being single for a whole year now with no prospects in sight and the whole xmas season thing (life always gets kinda introspective then, as in what did you accomplish this year, and as busy as the end of year rush is, it's always oddly less social as people spend time with their families and end-of-year work functions).

And then life did one of those things it sometimes does to surprise you. I got a msg from @scottjorton saying come for a drink, we're just up the road. And I thought, I could climb into bed and watch more episodes of Friends and pretend the world outside didn't exist, or I could go out and have a much needed drink with a friend. So I put my big girl panties on and faced the world. I really needed that, someone to give me a lifeline to get out of my head.

So I thought things were going to be better today. I was wrong. Things were already worse before 7am. I got in my car and I dunno what's happened to it, but something weird. And it must be pretty damn bad if I can even tell that it's not driving right! And it just got serviced in October and it's not under the maintenance plan anymore. And quite honestly I'm terrified. I have no idea what to do. The car place where I got it serviced isn't answering their phone yet this morning, I'm doubt I'm going to have time to get it there and get myself back before my 3hr training session, anyway.

And now, it a true "this is my life" story, my friend has just invited me to Mozambique for a 4day weekend next weekend with some people she knows. Sigh. I can't think about this all right now.


Tamara said...

Sorry you're having such a kak time, Phillygirl :-( Sounds like there's lots on your plate. Here's hoping today improves as it progresses and that the week turns around.

sally said...

hi phillygirl, I've been reading your blog for quite sometimes, and I get it. here to make your day better--> you're awesome! ;D

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