Monday, November 22, 2010

Winding Down 2010

Sigh, really. Monday again, already?

Weekend was pretty good. That good mix of completely relaxed and busy :) On Friday night Loulou had suggested drinks at Bar Fusion after work. So I went and @Rubyletters, @scottjorton and @ClaudeTschepen came along too. Wow, I would not recommend the venue at all. Well, let me rephrase. The venue seems very nice. But there were perhaps 9 other people in the place besides us. There were literally more wait-staff than patrons. Which doesn't make for a great fun after work drinks. Ah well. It's still good to try new places, right?

Later @Rubyletters, @scottjorton & I went for dinner at The Swiss Inn. We shared a very delish cheese fondue :) Fun times.

Saturday started with breakfast out with CollegeInstructor. He'd heard about a nearby little spot that was apparently very good, called Le Souffle. We got there just after 8:30 and were their only customers. Sigh. Again, with the trying new places and them having no customers ... ah well. We ended up staying anyways. The breakfast wasn't too bad, but the service, considering at their busiest we were 1 of 4 tables, was shocking :P I wouldn't bother with it again.

And then I went out on another pre-xmas shopping spree. It wasn't terribly successful. Sigh. I had a relaxing afternoon tho and on Saturday night I went to The Fairy Godmother's birthday party :) Which was lovely. Nice to meet some new people and get dressed up!

Sunday was *very* relaxed. But I did emerge to go and watch Red, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Such fun :) Seriously, go watch it.

Anyway, all mostly good. Aside from some inner mumblings in my head ... which is par for the course as the year winds down. So I'm trying as best I can to just ignore it all.


Ruby said...

Friday night was super fun:) Glad i decided to ignore my headache:)

Tamara said...

I loved RED. It's the reason I enjoy most Bruce Willis flicks... fast-paced, funny and I don't have to think too hard. The leading chick was hysterical too.

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