Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the sake of an update

Not much to write about today, but this has been an absolutely marvelous week so far :) (for reasons I'm not going into here).

Had our last SCM Dinner at Pebbles on Monday night and it was fab. From next week we're off to new The Blue House. Last night @Rubyletters & I headed out to watch @scottjorton & @mkmuerte at bowling, which was a complete waste since they finished their game about 10minutes after we arrived, so instead we went off to Ocean Basket for a quick bite of sushi, where the service was absolutely *awful*. Now seriously, I'm not a giant Ocean Basket fan generally. I tend to only go when I'm craving their platter for two ... and when I happen to have someone who'll go with me. So, I haven't been in more than a year! And after this experience I won't be going back anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Agreed...the service left a LOT to be desired...not to mention the fact that they store their wine near a heating machine of some kind:(

Tamara said...

Ja, there's only certain Ocean Basket branches I'll visit because I've had bad sushi or bad service at the others. Not a big fan either.

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