Friday, January 28, 2011

Time to Sleep

Shoo, what a crazy busy week. I am looking forward to a (mostly) quiet weekend!

So I was out Monday & Tuesday evening and then again on Wednesday and Thursday evening. On Wednesday, I went and had dinner with @Kath_Forrest :) we had a lovely evening chatting and playing with her menagerie of animals. The real reason for my visit tho was to collect her single remaining fish. Poor thing is lonely and she decided she needed to re-home him because the birds mostly use the pond he lives in for bathing and keeping it clean has become a nightmare. So I volunteered to take him and let him live in my pond with my three. Sadly tho, us two couldn't catch him in his dirty pond in the dark :P So he's still there till we can make a new (day-time) plan.

And then last night was 27Dinner. I went with @Rubyletters and got to meet @HansHaupt. Also spent a lot of the evening chatting with @saulkza. Was good fun and as usual, the Metro Cafe food was delish. I thoroughly enjoyed the first speaker, Herman Singh from Standard Bank, but the second speaker, Sam Mensah, lost me completely.

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