Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Museum Hunting

Oh yes, I should probably write something here ... this week has thankfully been calmer than last week. But still, life is a blur, speeding past.

I went to SCM Dinner on Monday night (yummy prawn curry!) and last night I went to DJMike & his girlf's for dinner. Tonight I'm going for sushi with @Nadgia and @saulkza. Now do you understand why I barely ever do grocery shopping and mostly have an empty fridge?!? Haha.

In other news, I've been doing ab it of research into museums in Gauteng. Can you believe I've never actually been to any (although, I did go to the Worker's Museum as part of our year-end function last year). I mean in Cape Town we went to the museum as kids all the time, I even went again as an adult with The Lying Pilot (and was hugely disappointed). But generally I quite like museums and love going when I'm in other countries, so should *definitely* go to some here!

But here's the thing, after a little research online, I found 6 I thought sounded interesting. And do you have any idea how many of those were ONLY open Monday - Friday during working hours. Hello, I'm at work then too! Sigh, I just don't understand. So, anyway, first up on my list is Museum Africa and the Transvaal Museum (seriously, can it really still be called that?). I'm also quite keen to go to the Sammy Marks Museum (apparently it's quite cool) and the Adler Museum of Medicine (but that one's only open on weekdays :P). There's also that Science Museum I've seen on my recent spate of Joburg CBD excursions, but I don't know which that is on any of the museum listing pages I found, but since I know where it is I figure I don't really need much more information about it.

So, do you have any other suggestions / recommendations for me?


Flying Lessons said...

The Heritage Center at Wits is a really interesting and modern museum.

Anonymous said...

The Sammy Marx trust is a client of mine...i was forced to research the whole history of Sammy Marx before they would let me touch any of his Never been to the museum though:)

Anonymous said...

The only one's I've been to is the Voortrekker Monument and the police monument (both in PTA).

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