Friday, January 21, 2011

Thunder and Lightning

So the week has been crazy. Honestly I can't remember when last work felt this exhausting, like I had no time to breathe, for such a long stretch. It's been 2 weeks now and shows no signs of slowing down.

So last night I decided that regardless of any invites I had, I was staying in and having a relaxing night at home. I kinda think it's something I should do at least once a week :) And I did have a lovely evening, doing almost nothing, watching some series, reading my book.

And then at about 21h30 a gorgeous and gigantic storm hit us (thankfully not literally, but it was touch and go for a minute there). and so, I spent half an hour staring out my bedroom window, just watching the light show (which was spectacular!). I had a mild panic about the bunnies with the thunder & lightning, but i remind myself that they always seem fine and completely unphased, it's more me worrying about them than anything real. And they all sat cuddled up on the top-level of the hutch (and last night boy was I glad the hutch has 3 levels above ground, because I'm pretty certain the bottom must've flooded with the amount of rain that came down so quickly).

So, although I got to sleep quite late, I'm feeling quite calm and refreshed this morning :)

Sushi on Wednesday was fab - I had such a craving! And other than that not much is on the go. I have a crazy Saturday planned, but other than that not much on the cards for the weekend - which is how I like it after a busy week. And I definitely have these weird conflicting feelings of wanting to be on my own versus wanting to be with someone / around people. Anyway, I'm just figuring it out slowly ...

Oh, but wait. There is something I should put down here in writing. I have gymmed 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks. Perhaps you don't realise how significant that is, but I hate gymming (or really exercise in just about any form). Although to be fair, I am actually going to the gym twice a week and walking around the neighbourhood on the other two days. I really almost caved this week and skipped a day, but I keep reminding myself that unless I have a real reason (like watching a 5pm movie, which I suspect may happen next week), I really should just go. I am not looking forward to how the office move in February is going to affect my schedule since I'll suddenly be probably spending at least an additional half hour in traffic. Yuck. So best I make the most of it while everything is so nearby and convenient.

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