Friday, January 07, 2011

A Quiet Start

Mkay, the holiday posts are all over and there isn't too much to tell after a week back in Jozi.

I will say that I now definitely find myself in the curious spot of having two homes. Like, I always say I'm going home for Xmas ... Cape Town, with my family, the house I grew up in (okay well, since I was 11). But, when I leave, I'm also going home ... to my home, where I live, where all (okay, most) of my stuff is, where The Bundles are. To say it gets a little confusing sometimes would be fair.

the *most* exciting thing to happen this week was my discovery of a Getaway Magazine competition ... okay, that probably sounds *insane*. But wait till you see the prize, it's like they went out and created a competition especially for me!

Your job (if we can call it that) is to explore the best of Fair Trade travel in the south-east of our beautiful country (think Knysna, the Wild Coast, Drakensberg and much more!) take some great pictures and upload a short blog on your experiences once a day.

You'll need to have:

  • A love for travel and travel writing
  • A flair for photography
  • Your own laptop and digital camera
  • The freedom to hit the road for four weeks, starting 14 February 2011.
All your travel, food and accommodation costs will be covered, as well as your 3G connection and pocket money for the entire trip.

Hello! Pick me, pick me. I haven't entered yet, I need to have a think about it a bit first. In the mean time, I'm just trying to calm my brain down ... since I already warned my manager I might be gone for a month - hahaha! And no, doing this would NOT mean skipping Russia-Mongolia-China, doing both would mean 2011 would be The Best Year™. Ever. Omg, can you even imagine how awesome that would be?! I can barely breathe, I want to win this *so* much.

Other than that, I appear to be going camping this weekend. @scottjorton and @ClaudeTschepen bought themselves a landrover at the end of last year and decided that 2011 is the Year of the Tent. And yes, it'll no doubt be muddy ... wish me luck :) I haven't slept in a muddy tent since 2007!

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