Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Cape Town

Wowee. What a weekend and this Monday morning (yes, yes, later than usual, I know) I am definitely in a lighter, brighter, happier mood :)

Flew out later than usual on Friday evening, but what a pleasure since ORT was practically empty at at 6pm (I know, surreal, right?). Anyway, I landed and discovered that UberTwitter had gone to hell ... which means I was barely online this weekend because, honestly, none of the other twitter client I tried (3 of them!) suited my requirements sufficiently. I plan to do an entire post around this late in the week. But thankfully they seem en route to be sorted ... Thank Goodness!

Spent the whole of Saturday helping Mom get all prepared for her Birthday party that evening. It turned out to be completely awesome :) She had a bunch of people over and served food in little boxes, which was such a brilliant idea, no washing up and perfectly sized portions. She had a Thai chicken & rice dish in the white boxes and beef sliced over potato salad in the red one. There was one box of each colour per person, but obviously some people only had one and others had more, and we were only left with 5 boxes left! The dessert boxes were completely finished! I made mini fruit skewers and then we put little cheese-cakes in the red boxes and squares of rum-loaf in the white boxes. And we drank lots and lots of champagne! Got to bed just before 3am.

Woke up late on Sunday and I think this was the first time in my life I've seen my mom with a bit of a hangover - haha. But I made her some scrambled egg for breakfast and had a lovely swim before heading off to collect my youngest girl-cousin, Kaese, and The Peeb and the 3 of us had a lovely Grandgirls outing to the 2 Oceans Aquarium. It was awesome. I haven't been since before I moved up to Joburg (so more than 7yrs ago!) and I'll admit it was smaller than I remembered. But still lovely. And we were there for the Shark, Ray and Turtle Feeding ... although the sharks weren't hungry, the ray's and turtles were!

We ended our afternoon looking over the harbour eating chips and soft-serve ice-creams :)

After that is was a mad dash back home for a roast chicken Weber at Dad's. Delish! I was exhausted by the end of the weekend, but I loved every second of it :)

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