Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Stuffs of Cape Town

Wow, Wednesday already. This week is speeding by but has been filled with some many awesome things. I won't lie, this is really making me wonder what exactly has been keeping me in Joburg all this time ... it might be time to come home.

My lunch breaks have been filled with walks along the Seapoint promenade ... and I have loved being exposed to this side of the world. To be honest, I never spent this much time this side, even when I lived here. I had no need. I mean yes it is nice and pretty, but let's face it, it's miles away and parking is a nightmare and I never lived close enough for it to be convenient. So when I wanted to take a stroll at the seaside, I went to Noordhoek or False Bay and that was fine by me. But, being here has been amazing and I feel like I've been missing out. I'm ready to sell the bunnies and all my furniture and move to Seapoint surrounds.

You'll laugh, since I spend less than 10mins driving to work in Joburg (soon to change upon my return), but here it's taken an hour each morning from either of my folks houses in the Southern Suburbs. And I have barely noticed. There are fewer lanes and a lower speed-limit but the views are gorgeous and it doesn't feel like a drive thru concrete to work each morning. Sigh. Clearly the sea air is getting to me and maybe it is just the novelty factor, because I know Cape Town didn't seem all that special to me by the time I moved away 7years ago ... But still.

So, what have I been up to? I've been busy busy. Busy with work, busy seeing friends. I had dinner with The Divine Miss M on Monday night at a fabulous little spot at the top of Long Street called Royale Eatery. It was as good as they say! We munched on delish burgers (I had their Federale Burger) and finished with a dessert of their very decadent shakes! (I mixed Lunch Bar & Honeycomb - omg, it was so rich but so good!). Highly recommend this one :)

Oh, and before dinner I popped round to hang out with the Peeb and spend some time cuddling the cutest kitten, NamaLlama. Then last night I met up with Liary for sunset and dinner in Camps Bay. So gorgeous ... although completely overpriced! We ate at Tuscany Beach and both had pasta. Which, I won't lie, was delish. But I'm not sure I would go back at those prices.

Yawn. Did I mention how I am loving this week?

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Tamara said...

Stop it! You're making me miss it even more ;-)

We lived in Greenpoint and I worked in Gardens. Lunchtimes were spent walking to the SA Art Gallery, Company Gardens and Charley's Bakery.


We don't have lunchtimes in Joburg.

Royale is awesome, hey? Mmmm... making me hungry.

It must be a REALLY good week if you're ready to sell the bunnies!

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