Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay, I should be writing a blog post, but instead I'm using my pre-work time running around like a headless chicken printing out vast forests of documentation in preparation for my extensive visa application process ...

This does not make me happy. This makes me terrified. Because I'm never certain that the document I'm providing is the one they want. Or maybe they want an original and it's only a copy. And did I fill in their form correctly? Sigh. Visa applications are no walk in the park. Yet I say that and I've never not gotten one.

Other than that, I ignored Valentines Day completely (so no real difference than while I was dating Varen :P), and had a lovely dinner at SCM, as per usual for a Monday night. I was actually thinking about it and the last (only?) Valentines day I actually remember is one with Bean, where we had a picnic in our garden. It was lovely :)

And then last night Loulou and I went for dinner at Gourmet Garage. Oh yum. I definitely ate too much, but oh that peanut butter burger with chili-cheese fries is just too good! And then I introduced Loulou to Skoobs, my new favourite place at Monte :) It was a lovely evening.

And now, back to work between general visa panic. I mean, technically I can only start applying from tomorrow ... in exactly 90 days, I will start my homeward trek from Kunming, China. Eep. But yeah, next week I'm in Cape Town (yay!) so I plan to be ready to get started on my visa applications when I'm back. Which should give me 6 or 7 weeks to get all 3. Let's hope that's enough time. I'm especially not good with vagaries like the Russian consulate's 4-20 working days turn around time. I mean really ?!?! So I may just end up spending the extra R350 to get it processed faster for peace of mind.

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Tamara said...

Visa applications scare me too. Hope it all works out fine.

Still have to try that peanut-butter burger. Sounds heaven;y.

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