Monday, February 14, 2011

Blue Mood

Yawn. Apparently I can't sleep on Sunday nights anymore :P I suspect it has something to do with the house-hunting, which is just generally ruining my mood as well. Good thing I won't be doing it for the next 2 weeks then, I guess. Plus, I also blame the damned heat wave we had at about 3am this morning. I am very grateful I have an air-con. But still.

So I should've posted on Friday. I got some awesome news on Thursday. But I really have just been in such a blue mood. So let's start with the good news :) I'm off to work in our Cape Town offices next week :) The truly awesome bit is that I get to fly down on Friday evening (and will only fly back the following Saturday) ... which means I'll get to spend my mom's birthday with her (it's this Saturday) :) I am super excited about it. Since the merger quite a few people have got to go to Cape Town, but I think I'm the first person going for as long as a week ... but I suspect they're only letting me do that since they don't have to pay for my accommodation or transport. Haha. Who cares?!?

Sigh, but even that couldn't cheer me up from this blue funk I've been in ... and I am definitely blaming the house-hunting for it. I don't think I'm going to actually be able to buy a place for me to live this year (ever?). I page thru the paper and wonder who on earth is buying all these houses. How does someone get to a place where they can spend more than 3 million rand on a property? I've felt for my entire adult life that property is *just* out of my grasp. Like I'm just a couple of years behind where I should be and can never quite catch up. Sigh. I dunno. But yeah, I think it's a plus that by being in Cape Town, I'm forced to skip even reading the property section for 2 whole weeks. Hopefully it'll put me in a better mood ;)

You know, I even got so frustrated ... since they clearly just do not make the sort of place I want, that meets all my requirements, so I started actually designing my own house! I mean I know my eventual, one-day end goal is to build my own home, but I wasn't even designing that one ... I was designing a little one-bedroom for now. Sigh. It's so depressing.

Righto, onto the weekend. So I did nothing on Friday night. But had a lovely full Saturday. @scottjorton and I decided to go see the Transvaal Museum, sorry the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History :P Yawn. I found this more disappointing than Museum Africa. Seriously people, where are you keeping all the interesting things?!? There is an absolutely giant stuffed bird section (which is like a Robert's Bird Book in 3D. There is a geology room which we sped thru, having done the same sort of thing in more detail at Museum Africa. And then there are their 2 Genesis of Life Halls. Which mostly just seem to mostly contain fake plastic replica's of things (like dinosaurs and fossil bones). Which I found tremendously disappointing.

So yeah, it barely took us an hour to finish up there, and we'd gone all the way to Pretoria, it seemed a waste to head straight home. So we decided to go to the Zoo. Which was fun. They've got 4 new young Mountain Gorilla's who were very active and gave us a great show :) We also stumbled upon an as yet unfinished new exhibition, for penguins & seals ... looks like it'll be great when it's finished. When we were finished, it started pouring with rain. And while everyone else rushed for shelter, we just walked thru the awesome rain.

Since we were already drenched, we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens afterwards and walk in the rain some more ... I know, it sounds crazy, but sometimes you have to do crazy things :) It was such fun! But we were absolutely soaked. Haha. So we stopped for hot chocolate on the way home. It was a lovely day :)

Sunday was quite industrious, cleaned the rabbit hutch early, actually made breakfast (!) and headed off to house hunt. Sigh. Let's not discuss that any further, shall we? And in the evening I headed off to celebrate @Rubyletters' new job & new couches at her place with @mkmuerte and @scottjorton.

A pretty good weekend ... now imagine if I was feeling all happy how much better it could've been! Ah well, 5 days till Cape Town *grin*


Anonymous said...

I think the time away will do you the world of good! Thanx for coming to the mini celebration:) xxx

Tamara said...

Enjoy CT!

House hunting is hell. A break will be good.

Walking in the rain is soul-feeding.

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