Monday, February 07, 2011

Sleep When You're Dead

Another wonderful weekend. Although I'm not feeling especially upbeat this morning (perhaps the 5 hours or less of sleep now that Project Property 2011 has officially taken over my thoughts, in a bad way).

On Friday evening I headed out to The Doors for the first time in the almost 7 years I've lived in Joburg. I'd heard many things about the place, but it seemed quite normal to me. Not as pretentious as the people at The Hat are trying to be, and not as dark as the people at RR, but perhaps that's because all of them were at Thornfest? Either way, it's a very very long way to drive for a pretty average club experience.

Ended up getting home at about 3am, which was far later than I was aiming for. And was up and ready to head out to brunch by 8:30am. Needless to say, Saturday was a terrifically lazy day. It started off with a fabulous Champagne brunch with some of my favourite ladies in the whole world: @jackson_files, @Rubyletters, @Arkwife, @louisabouwer and Doodles. We ate a mountain of food and lazed around catching up until about 14h30. It was fabulous.

The rest of my Saturday was equally lazy :) And then on Sunday, I had a breakfast date with a boy from Internet Dating at The Salvation Cafe (seriously my new absolutely favourite breakfast spot!).

And then it was an afternoon of house-hunting. I'm pretty sure I've now seen the most hideous complex ever built and am horrified and terrified by the state of places that have had tenants living in them! (Honestly, 2 places I looked at, in a row, had iron burn marks on the carpets in the bedrooms! What are these people doing?). But yeah, I looked around a lot, I found some places I actually really like. Like really. And then much much later when I was trying to calculate what the banks were actually likely to lend me (since I own the flat still and don't plan on selling that, since the rental currently covers the entire bond). And that was just depressing and sad. I don't think I can actually get the place I think I might want. Sigh. But so we soldier on and we'll find something, I'm sure ... right?

In the evening I went to a friend's 30th birthday party, which was lovely. And just the distraction from house-thoughts that I needed!


Tamara said...

The Salvation Cafe sounds like a close second to Rebecca's ;-)

Wenchy said...

you sound happy :)

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