Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's a Weird Week

I'm in a weird place, very all up in my head ... mostly about the property stuff. Am constantly trying to consider all options and figure out potential bond implications etc. etc. It's exhausting.

So I skipped SCM Dinner on Monday night. And last night I decided to go and watch Black Swan, since I'd heard rave reviews from a number of people who'd already seen it. I think I missed something tho. I mean yes, it was damn intense. But I didn't really come out of it feeling like I had any idea of what was actually going on. I'd heard it was scary (in a psychological way), but that's not the way I'd describe it. Intense. That's definitely the word I'd go with. I will also say that after seeing Natalie Portman's body in this movie, I'm amazed she is now pregnant!

I dunno. Although technically some of the dance shots were amazing, I'm still not really a ballet fan (aside from acknowledging that what they do is incredible, I still wouldn't plan a night at the ballet).

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