Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Ever have those days where you wake up and think: This is my life. I think I am having a responsibility crisis. They happen every so often (and they disappear quickly, it's like a momentary-as-you-wake-up wobble). I dunno if I can quite explain it. But I guess it comes from knowing I'm about to spend a chunk of cash in a very short amount of time when I pay for both my tours and my flights in the next few days, the fact that I am toying with buying a place that I can actually live in and the phone call from my tenant saying he wants to move in with a friend of his but he'll find someone to take over his lease (hmmm, these seem all money related). But that's what responsibility is, isn't it?

Sigh, all of these are awesome things (except for the tenant issue, but I have no doubt that'll be resolved). But they're scary adult things. I dunno, I'm not usually this worried about spending on my holidays (and this is a very average costing trip for me actually). But the house thing is weighing on my mind. I want a space I can settle in. But I have some serious constraints, like all the furniture I own and the bunnies. And because of the flat, I have some serious budget constraints ... and I have some very snobby area-requirements - haha. I dunno, I'm sure everything will work itself out and I know my mood won't last, but I woke up with it weighing heavily on me this morning.

On Monday night SCM Dinner was in @clairam's new home. And it is awesome and amazing and I spent the whole night amazed at how grown up this house was. Sigh (no doubt that also has to do with this morning's mood?). And last night I wasn't in the mood for anything and so I climbed under my duvet, with dessert (note: before dinner!) and watched Moulin Rouge. It was actually a kinda perfect evening.

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Anonymous said...

Um, yes. Although they usually last weeks or months rather than being momentary. My most recent one was "I bought a house. OMG, I actually bought a house?! Why did I do that?!?! Now I'll never have money ever again! No travelling! No fun! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg... why didn't anyone tell me NOT to buy a house?!".


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