Monday, January 31, 2011

A Weekend on the Go

Shoo, not an as relaxing weekend as I was aiming for, but good none the less :)

Well, at least Friday was entirely relaxing. I spent the evening getting stuck into Dexter s05 (I've been waiting for a weekend to watch the whole thing - which I managed by the end of Sunday evening, so YAY!).

Saturday didn't exactly start out the way I had planned. I went on a neighbourhood walk (since I skipped an evening during the week - so can proudly say I'm still on my 4-times a week exercise routine), which was lovely. And then headed off to the vet with Coal and Rex in tow. Rexy was coming along to get his nails clipped, Coal was the real reason we were going. On Friday night I noticed a swelling under her tail ... and google told me it was likely to be a sign she was in heat, to indicate she was ready to mate. Which I thought was a bit weird since both she & Rex have been spayed/neutered. And since the swelling hadn't gone down by Saturday morning, I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry. The vet isn't too worried and says it's definitely not a tumor (my biggest worry), but he'll call me today after he's done some more research. He agreed that since she was spayed in June, this should definitely not be happening. Anyhoo, for now at least they're all fine and happy :)

Then in the afternoon I headed to Schwabing for a birthday lunch with some friends and in the evening at an impromptu braai with another group of friends. It turned out to be a lovely day, if not entirely restful.

On Sunday @scottjorton and I had made a plan to head out into nature for a walk and to take some photos. We ended up at Marievale Bird Sanctuary, which was an awesome way to spend the morning. I think we'll make a plan to go for longer another time because there are what look like some awesome old abandoned buildings that I'd love to go and photograph.

I made sure we were home in time so I could do a little house-hunting ... I haven't really quite figured out what the Property 2011 plan is yet, but I seem to have started looking for a place to buy to actually live in. But I expect it'll be a long slow process, so I'm not exactly set on any specific outcome.

After that, having eaten nothing but 3 woolies muffins all day, we headed to Luca's and polished off a House Salad and some pasta, which was absolutely delish :)

And then I cleaned the bunny hutch and finished watching Dexter. See, not nearly as relaxing as I thought it'd end up being - haha.

In other news, this is the week I'll be booking my Trans-Mongolian & China trip - eep! And tomorrow they announce the winner of the Getaway Magazine Dream Travel Job ... could everyone please keep their finger's crossed. Please.

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