Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Complete Secret Diaries of God by Koos Kombuis

The fictional God that Kombuis has created is a God of kindness, but he is also a God of fallibility who is looking over his life (several trillion years long) and judging himself and his actions. But the book is more than just a book about God and his travails in trying to form a relationship with the people and planet he created, it is also a biting satire on the world we have created. In the new version God is taken to a prison called Beverly Hills, from where he only manages to escape when he volunteers to be a Grim Reaper. The politics of Heaven and Hell, the Devil's "Plan B", Paul's letters to the Americans, the British and the Pope – many outrageous events are related in this new version!

Loved this! It reminded me of Lamb, a bit. Hysterical and I definitely would recommend it if you enjoy this sort of thing.

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