Friday, April 01, 2011


Mkay, I spose it's time for a real post ... although there is not a lot to tell, honestly. I have had a supremely melancholy week and have kinda just been hibernating. Have just got home from work and curled in a ball with my book most nights ...

To be fair, I did get to SCM on Monday night, first time in a while. And I had DJMike and his girlf over for dinner last night. Made Ostrich Chili soup :) So that was cool. In other news I got my Holiday 2011 book order from Kalahari, so I am thrilled. (Although supremely un-thrilled with the sheer lack of service at Benmore Post Office, yet again ... I don't think I've ever been there when the queue has been shorter than 10 people)

And that was my week. Not very impressive, huh?

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