Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Rare Tuesday Post

I know, right? What on earth could I have to say on a Tuesday? Most especially since I did not go to SCM Dinner last night even!

Well, there's not much, I'll be honest, but still stuff worth saying. The first news is that my passport (with Mongolian visa!!!!!!) was collected by DHL London at 14h09 yesterday afternoon (they're 2hrs behind us at the moment). Oh the thrill and relief and the once again constant refreshing of the DHL tracking page. *big smile* It should be safely home tomorrow. I can't wait to see it. I know, I get a weird thrill paging thru my passport. (For now I'm focusing on the happiness of getting my passport back safely and the glee tracking it every step gives me ... and nto the fact t hat it costs double the price to send the exact same item from there to here as it cost to send it there in the first place!! My less-than-48hrs-not-even-getting-off-the-train in Mongolia is probably going to be the most expensive visa of my life :P)

In other news, I skipped SCM last night. Simply because I have no free nights left this week till next Tuesday! Tonight is my twice-postponed-already sushi dinner with @Nadgia - can't wait for some girly talk, seriously she is one of the people I can have the most honest conversations with and I adore her for it :) Tomorrow is CollegeInstructor's birthday so France and I are taking him to our favourite, Gourmet Garage, for dinner (and there is a little extra surprise too! Shhh) :)

On Thursday, The Trucker and I are off to see Cirque du Soleil, which I am sosososo looking forward to (note to self: collect Computicket tickets!!). It feels like absolute ages since I saw Varekai. Plus, since it's on my life list, it's kinda awesome to get the opportunity to watch them perform again ;)

And then ... on Friday afternoon Mom arrives for the whole long weekend :) YAY!

Clearly I am in a splendiferous mood this morning. Despite working an extra 2hrs yesterday and no doubt more during this week. I'm putting it down to a very early night (literally just about fell asleep reading my book last night at 20h30!!) and a good long much-needed sleep. Wow, I am amazed at the difference it makes. I'd say I'm pretty lucky sleep-wise, considering how many people I know who suffer from insomnia (seriously, it's like *everyone* these days!). But still, even for me, who generally sleeps a full night as the norm, and extra long nights sleep was sheer bliss.

*bounce bounce bounce*


Anonymous said...

Good to see you in such a super mood. :-)

Nadia said...

Aw Phil :) :) You know I feel the same... Was so lovely to see you

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