Monday, March 14, 2011

Not quite Hibernation

Okay so it wasn't entirely a hibernation weekend, but it was pretty close.

I did nothing on Friday evening, I worked late, popped by the shops on the way home and made home-made pizza's (sort of) for dinner :) Yum. And I watched The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

I've been dying to see this movie since Heath died ... yes, still devastated. And I finally got round to it (I don't remember it being on big screen here?). It's not an amazing movie, but I did quite enjoy it. I especially enjoyed how they "fixed" it after his death, I think it worked brilliantly.

On Saturday I was up fairly early and headed into Joburg city-centre for another tour with Past Experiences. This time a shopping tour :) I adored it. Got to take the Rea Vaya for the first time and even came home with some fab little purchases! Great fun, I highly recommend it for the girls. I doubt it was much fun for the few boys who got dragged along with us.

And that was pretty much it for the rest of Saturday. I watched Eat Pray Love finally as well. Which I was surprised I loved. Aside from the minor fact of someone up and leaving their real life indefinitely without any income ... I mean I know the dollar is powerful but really? I think I am Liz Gilbert and I am still hunting for my word too. Sigh.

After that I headed off to Red Room. Which was fun since I haven't been in ages and I got to wear the new little dress I bought that day :)

Sunday was very busy in the morning. Dropping recycling off, cleaning the bunny hutch, that sort of admin. But I spent a lot of the rest of the day just relaxing. Which I definitely needed. I have a very busy week ahead. And I watched The Last Airbender. Which I had heard was rubbish, and it was, which is why I didn't watch it on the big screen.

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Anonymous said...

The acting in The Last Airbender was just painful. I think the movie could have been a hit, if only they had chosen a different cast.

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