Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Shoo. That was more of a busy weekend than I'd usually like for my last on in Joburg, but I guess since Friday is a public holiday I can get away with it ... But it was awesome :) I will admit I am starting to panic slightly (in the back of my head) about packing (temperatures are ranging between 0 and 27 degrees!) and the fact that I am heading off in less than a week now.

Friday started off with The Trucker coming to collect me and us heading off to watch Mummenschanz (after a brief stop on the highway which involved us waiting for BMW Roadside assistance, who were very helpful). The show was fantastic. It was like watching magic on stage (and not that ridiculous card-trick magic). Really, such fun! And it's going to sound completely weird but I was so impressed at the age of all the performers. They've been doing this a long time and honestly until they finish the show and you actually get to see them and their grey hair, you would never say they weren't far younger based on their performances.

After that we grabbed a quick bite at the Newscafe and then headed home.

Saturday I woke up early to a very rainy day. But we persevered and headed thru to Ellis park where a bunch of us set off on a BRT tour to Soweto. I must say I do love the Rea Vaya Bus system. It was very sad to see the state of town as we drove thru, with this services strike, the garbage is over flowing and piling the streets of Joburg. It's quite revolting to see. Anyway, we started at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church. I'll be honest and say I'd never even heard of it. I'm not so big on recent history or South Africa's struggle history, which is part of why I wanted to do this tour. The most interesting part of the church visit for me was the photo exhibition upstairs.

Then it was off to Nelson Mandela's old house in Vilakazi street. This is thoroughly enjoyed. I only really became aware of Mandela back in 1994 when those iconic elections took place and I got a public holiday just after my bday (being that I was only 14 at the time and politics has never been high on my priorities). It was fascinating to be transported back to a much earlier stage of his life. I love how they've delivered snippets of information printed thruout the house and I also really liked the brick-timeline. After that we stopped and had lunch at a little cafe opposite his house. And then we took a stroll up to the Hector Pieterson museum. Well obviously I know about that iconic photograph, but if asked before Saturday I probably couldn't have told you why they were marching (I know, my knowledge of history is shocking, but it was all before I was even born!). This museum is completely fascinating and done really well, aside from the fact that it is a complete information overload. There really is too much to take in and I pretty much ignored all the different televisions spouting information. I love how they've used the huge windows around the building and there was definitely a damper on our group after learning so much more about this horrific event.

It was a very interesting day and I'm so glad we braved the weather :) I really must get to the Apartheid Museum too now.

I had a very lazy Saturday evening in bed with series & soup for dinner, to make up for my very unlazy morning in the rain. Haha.

Sunday was yet another fairly early morning, Zoo's wedding at The Cradle. Wow, it was beautiful and the weather played along so nicely for them (I was a little worried for her after Saturday!). The venue is gorgeous! And she looked absolutely amazing. I've never been to a wedding before where the bride didn't actually wear white (she wore a pale olive green) but seriously, wow. And the food was so delish! I think I am going to have to make a plan to visit the restaurant again :)

After the wedding I went over to The Trucker's house and we went for a long walk (which I needed after a very decadent chocolate mousse dessert!) and spent the evening watching Series.

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