Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Work, Blogger

Only 2 more working days ... Everyone keeps asking if I'm excited yet. I don't really get too excited beforehand, I've noticed. I mean it's still completely surreal to me. I know I'm going but since i have no idea of what to expect from the places I'm visiting it's not like I can imagine being there yet. Mostly I get panic-y about what to take and over-packing (which I do every time) and last minute things I need. This time I'm also quite nervous for my trip. I think this is the most foreign I've ever been. I mean neither of the languages are even written with the same alphabet ... and I'm nervous about the food. I'm nervous about packing for a temperature difference of up to 30degrees between Russia and China. But I know I'll be fine and it'll be awesome and amazing and I'll see some unbelievable new places. So I guess I am a little excited :)

The week has been good, I'm aiming for a fairly quiet one after the overly social weekend. I hosted SCM Dinner on Monday night (our usual hostess was off SCM-ing in Kruger Park). It was awesome, I made my Ostrich Chili soup. And I reminded myself how much I do enjoy having people over - although I do it so infrequently. Last night I had a typical Tuesday night at home. Series, lazy dinner (left over soup) and chatted to both my grandparents.

Okay, so I wrote that bit yesterday. And Blogger wasn't co-operating. And I can't find any solutions online ... But I have switched to their updated editor now in the hopes that perhaps that was the problem ... finger's crossed.

In other news last night I went to Cranks for dinner with The Trucker. Yum. And then we went for delish hot choc at Rocket. Which sadly was not as good as usual because the milk was not hot enough. Oh well.

And today I am having a miserable day. I woke up at 4am (I don't know what is up with my sleeping patterns lately). And I seem to be misplacing all sorts of things (first my post box key and now my little hard drive ... ) I never normally lose stuff. And then I had to turn back home after I'd left for work this morn to unlock the bolt because the maid is coming today. Sigh. But, it is my last working day for a very very long time (almost a month!). YAY.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a super fantastic time Philly...can't wait to see all the photos and hear what you got up to when you get back.

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