Thursday, May 19, 2011

And, I'm Back

Good morning! Yes, I am home from my fantastic and wonderful (and long!) holiday :)

The bad news is, you will have to wait until at least Monday for the Holiday Posts to begin (just honestly have not had the time to get started on them yet). But the good news is, life is very happy right now (aside from the back-at-work factor, but even that is still a novelty at the moment).

I arrived back on Tuesday afternoon and got everything unpacked and have put on so many loads of washing since then! Yesterday was all about settling back in. I cleaned the bunny hutch and stole cuddles with each of them (they were not terribly impressed with me!). I went to vote. I had sushi for lunch with The Trucker. I watched Series. I caught up with CollegeInstructor and France.

I will say that coming home from this trip has been very different to coming home from the last one, but that's a whole other blog post ;)

Righto, got a meeting to get up to speed on what all I've missed at work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back young lady. Looking forward to your holiday posts.

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