Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Back Weekend

So, it was my first weekend back. I'd like to say that after 2 days back at work I really needed it, luckily I didn't (but I'm not holding my breath that by Thursday of this week I won't). But it was a very welcome break none the less.

On Friday evening I went for dinner at Doppio Zero with The Trucker and then we went to watch Water for Elephants. Yes, I know it has that awful Robert Pattinson in it, but I loved the book so I figured I would overlook this fatal flaw.

It was not spectacular, it was a bit slow at stages. And really, they should have picked a better male lead. As if it could be possible, I think even less of this dude now than I did after Twilight :P What on earth do people see in him?!? Anyhoo, it was still a nice night out :)

On Saturday morning we went for breakfast at my favourite spot, The Salvation Cafe. The Trucker decided he needed to see if it was as awesome as I said it was :) Luckily he agrees, haha. Yum, it was just the breakfast I had in mind for my first weekend back!

And then it was admin Saturday with collecting post, buying bunny food and a new fish pump etc. The Trucker came over again in the afternoon after he'd been to work for a bit ... to fix my toilets :P (They don't seem to stop running water after flushing, it is breaking my recycling heart) Hahaha, I know. It's kinda surreal honestly. Trusting a boy to know how to actually do DIY. And he got them both working properly again (although the one seems to be leaking again, which he won't believe since they were working when he left! Haha).

And then on Saturday evening I headed off to have a holiday-catch-up dinner with Loulou (she'd been to Italy while I was off in Russia & China) at Adega. Yay for 1Kg of King Prawns and Strawberry Daquiris :)

After dinner, I went to Red Room for a bit with The Trucker, but it was a weird evening with a weird crowd. So we didn't stay very late.

Sunday was very lazy and spent watching series and eating crumpets for breakfast :) I managed to get a few of my holiday posts ready (Yay, they'll be starting today!). And that was pretty much the whole of Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and I did sort of feel I should've done something outdoorsey, but well, there'll be other weekends for that ... since The Rapture didn't get us :P Pahahahaha.

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